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Do you need to increase the number of calls and leads you are receiving, but can’t afford to wait for SEO to come into effect? If you need urgent results and you have an advertising budget ready to go, paid advertising on Google might just be the best strategy for you. Talk with our friendly team today so that we can devise the right strategy for you.


We Communicate Results

We consider ourselves a first class digital marketing agency and we run campaigns in order to generate a positive ROI on the long-term investment you make with us.

In addition to our Google Ad management and digital marketing services we’re also able to offer advice around broader areas of marketing strategy. Before specialising in search marketing our roots were in full service marketing and branding. This love of marketing has become part of the 5Tales DNA. You will find this knowledge on display in your monthly campaign meetings with your dedicated account manager.

  • When preparing content for your landing pages we’ll send you a draft of that content so you can actually approve what’s going up. No surprises!
  • 5Tales have a proprietary four phase plan phase which allows us to achieve results in Google Ads in the most efficient and safest way possible for your site.
  • You will receive a monthly dashboard and report which covers the three most important things for your campaign: Cost Per Click, CTR and Conversions
  • You can access your dashboard live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to see exactly where your PPC campaign is at.


What To Expect Once You Sign Up With 5Tales For Google Ads

Our team has briefing sessions every Friday on all new campaigns which are scheduled to commence. These sessions are based on your account managers understanding and any context you have provided on your intake form. On the Monday following you can expect your dedicated account manager to call you in order to talk you through the initial process and what to expect next. This ensures are aligned and have the right goals in place to execute the campaign as effectively as possible in order to achieve results. Once we have completed the initial kick off with you we move into our 4 Phases of the Google AdWords campaign.

Phase 1 Review

Once we have all the information from you we then dive in to review your business, your competitors and your existing Google Ads account (if it’s available). These three aspects are key to determining the strategy and approach we need to implement and the budget required to achieve your business goals.

  • Internal kick off meeting with a thorough review of company competitors and understanding your customers.
  • Complete our understanding of your services
  • Keyword research brainstorming and analysis
  • Review the existing site and branding to be ready for unique landing pages

Phase 2 Strategy & Structure

With the review complete, it is time to determine which keywords we will be targeting from our research, what areas will be commercially viable based on your budget and prepare our Ad Copy.

  • Plan out campaign strategy and structure of groups
  • Determine campaign type and campaign settings
  • Determine optimal starting ad schedule
  • Determine ads and landing pages required
  • Budget based research on which keywords will be commercially viable

Phase 3 Implementation

It’s time for our team to role out the strategy and get your Ads live on Google. This means setting up the account, implementing our landing pages to your website and ensuring that your new account passes Google’s review process.

  • Setting up your Ad Account and Ad Campaign
  • Check the reporting and tracking is working
  • Sending your new landing pages live
  • Launching your campaign

Phase 4 Optimisation

The work is not done, even with our industry leading research and preparation of your campaign – there is always optimisation to be done. As your ads begin to be shown to possible customers we will be able to refine the campaign to provide the best ROI. Also, as this is a bidding market on Google – competitors strategies might change and it is our job to ensure that your campaign stays on top.

  • Regular ad optimisations. Typically this is weekly, but it depends on your campaign level and also it’s maturity
  • Reviewing bidding strategies to ensure they are achieving the optimal ROI
  • Ongoing reporting and management of the conversion tracking

The Goals Of

Our Campaign

Find Valuable Keywords

Research is key in any marketing strategy, when you are paying for every click you receive it becomes crucial to ensure the search terms your ads appear for are commerically viable.

Attract Relevant Visitors

Bringing relevant visitors to your site and ad are key to ensuring that the return on your investment is there for you in running your campaign.

Visitors To Leads

Increased site visitors is great, but ensuring these visitors arrive to the right pages to convert them into a lead for your business is just as important for our campaigns.

Alignment With Business Goals

As your campaign goes along and continues to generate new leads for your business, your needs and goals will change. Our focus ongoing is to ensure the leads not only continue, but that they continue to support your goals.

Our Testimonials

Client Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5Tales Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As the Marketing Manager at Your Best Life Disability and Health Services, I can confidently say that working with 5Tales has been an absolute game-changer for us! Over the past year, their services have yielded incredible results, leading to a significant increase in our new clients. The 5Tales team goes above and beyond, exceeding our expectations at every turn. Their dedication and commitment to our success are unmatched, and they consistently deliver top-notch service. They genuinely understand our vision and work tirelessly to bring it to life. We are excited to see the growth in the next few years and look forward to working with them into the future. Bec
Kim Helmore
Kim Helmore
Helpful and responsive, positive search results
che leonard
che leonard
The team at 5Tales are fantastic. They have guided us every step of the way in getting our new website up and running. Not only is the end result even better than we could have hoped for, they were extremely patient and helpful, very responsive and overall just brilliant to work with. Would highly recommend.
Jessika Avenell
Jessika Avenell
Highly recommend to any businesses seeking to grow their presence online!! I had the most pleasant experience working with the 5Tales team :) In particular, a massive thank you to Teyanna who helped me through the our SEO campaign. The results have been amazing!
Victoria Knesl
Victoria Knesl
5Tales are have exceeded all my expectations and they are very easy to work with. I am so impressed on how quickly they are achieving amazing results for my business. Highly recommended!
James Palmer
James Palmer
The 5tales team have done an amazing job at designing and creating content for our website. Now our business looks more professional and we are attracting new customers thanks to their expert help.
Hannah Whalan
Hannah Whalan
We really appreciate the work of 5Tales. They are very professional, competent and efficient. Fast service and always solve problems with agility and precision. They take care of the maintenance of our website and help to identify improvements to suit the taste of our customers. Thank you for always being helpful and attentive to us, team at 5Tales. 5 out 5 !! Cheers
The team at 5Tales are absolutely exceptional. They always go above and beyond of what is expected of them and their constant communication, response time, professionalism and content is second to none. They work closely with you to ensure that your needs and wants are met for your business as well as using their expertise to suggest alternatives that you perhaps wouldn't have thought of yourself. Most importantly, the results through the SEO campaigns speak for themselves. Work with 5Tales, you won't be disappointed!
Stephanie Madden
Stephanie Madden
I highly recommend 5 tales for all your digital needs. They are an amazing company that give great results. Money well spent. I wish I found 5tales from the very beginning of my digital journey. Don’t waste your time and money on other companies. You have now found the right team ????????????
Richard Kloester
Richard Kloester

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Why We Gave Up Our Office

In 2017, 5Tales became a remote working company. We made this decision for a number of reasons and we’d like to share two of the most important ones with you.

Firstly, it brings out the best in all of us. Companies of every size and every industry have started moving away from traditional offices and they all experienced HUGE jumps in productivity. When we tested this way of working with our team, we all said, “this is how we want to work”.

Second, we can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. Not only can we work better, but we can get EVEN better people. If we want to deliver the results we want for our clients, we need the best people and working remotely is how we do it.

Although there are challenges with not being in the same place, having to find solutions for them was worth it for us. Now our team is better positioned than ever before to grow our clients businesses.

Google Ads FAQ’s

You can find some of most commonly asked questions about working with a Google Ads agency below.

What is Google Adwords Advertising?

Google Ads stands out as a widely embraced digital advertising solution that empowers enterprises to fabricate and showcase advertisements across Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and affiliated platforms. Previously recognized as Google AdWords, this platform adheres to a pay-per-click (PPC) paradigm, wherein advertisers are exclusively charged upon ad clicks.

Through Google Ads, companies can forge precisely tailored ads calibrated to resonate with their specific audience cohort. This is realized by cherry-picking pertinent keywords aligned with their merchandise or services, coupled with a focus on distinct demographics, geographies, and temporal parameters corresponding to instances when their prospective clientele is most inclined to probe for their offerings.

Google Ads wields substantial potential as a marketing instrument, especially for small-scale businesses, by providing a conduit to engage potential patrons in moments of active exploration for analogous products or services. Nonetheless, the platform’s intricacies necessitate meticulous oversight to yield optimum outcomes. Thus, numerous enterprises hailing from Australia opt to collaborate with a {Location}-based agency versed in Google Ads management, like 5Tales, to leverage their expertise in fine-tuning campaigns and driving superior results.

For proprietors of small Australian businesses aspiring to amplify website traffic and enhance their digital footprint, entrusting Google Ads management can furnish an optimal remedy. Executed with precision and strategy, this endeavour can propel your messaging towards the intended demographic, fostering amplified sales and revenue for your enterprise.

How much do Google Ads cost?

The expenses associated with Google Ads exhibit a broad spectrum, contingent upon a myriad of factors encompassing your industry, competition, chosen keywords, and the specific configuration of your ad. However, in a broad context, the costing framework is rooted in a bidding paradigm, wherein advertisers vie for prominence, striving to have their adverts showcased to users.

Within the Australian context, the mean cost per click (CPC) for Google Ads generally ranges from A$ – A$2; nevertheless, this span is subject to considerable fluctuations contingent upon your industry and the precise keywords in your crosshairs. It’s pivotal to bear in mind that this CPC is a singular facet, while the holistic expenditure of your Google Ads campaign hinges on the aggregate clicks accrued and your overall financial outlay.

It’s salient to underscore that Google Ads wields substantial potential as an instrument of remarkable efficacy for small-scale businesses. This platform bestows the capability to connect with potential patrons precisely at the juncture when they’re proactively hunting for products or services akin to what you offer. Engaging with an adept and seasoned team is paramount, ensuring you extract the utmost value from your investment.

What is the Cost Per Click (CPC)?

The term Cost Per Click (CPC) holds significant prominence in the realm of digital advertising, particularly in the context of Google Ads. In straightforward language, CPC denotes the sum an advertiser disburses each time a user clicks on their advertisement. This metric stands as a pivotal yardstick employed to gauge the efficacy and accomplishment of a Google Ads initiative.

With that being articulated, CPC assumes a pivotal role during the blueprinting and execution of a paid advertising crusade. It proffers insights into the efficacy of diverse keywords and ad layouts, and concurrently, it furnishes guidance for refining your bid strategy to attain optimal returns on your investment.

Inevitably, the cost incurred per click within your Google Ads campaign is contingent upon a constellation of variables. To ensure you extract the utmost value from your financial commitment, it is judicious to exclusively collaborate with a seasoned and adept team specializing in the management of Google Ads campaigns.

Google PPC or SEO: which one gives you a better ROI?

The potential for favourable returns on investment exists within both Google PPC and SEO for small businesses. However, distinct merits and drawbacks characterize each avenue. Thus, selecting the optimal path necessitates aligning with your specific business objectives and requisites.

Google PPC, denoting pay-per-click advertising, empowers businesses to craft and present ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and affiliated platforms. These ads, tailored to particular keywords, demographics, and other variables, can efficaciously channel traffic to your website, facilitating instantaneous access to your intended audience.

On the flip side, SEO centres on refining your website’s content and architecture to enhance organic search rankings. While SEO demands more time and dedication to bear fruit, it yields enduring advantages and elevates your business to a position of authority within your industry.

Evaluating which strategy boasts a superior return on investment presents a challenge, contingent on a mélange of components: your industry, competition, and your business objectives. Nonetheless, PPC might yield an immediate ROI, whereas SEO holds the promise of fostering a sustainable ROI over the long haul.

Often, the zenith of efficacy materializes through a fusion of both PPC and SEO tactics, culminating in an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy. The amalgamation of these strengths paves the way for heightened traffic, lead generation, and business expansion.

Enlisting the expertise of an accomplished digital marketing agency headquartered in Brisbane can be instrumental in pinpointing the most fitting strategy for your business, thereby steering you toward an optimal ROI outcome.

How do I get the most out of Google Ads?

Achieving optimal results from Google Ads necessitates meticulous planning and careful execution. Here’s a sequence of actions to guarantee the creation of a triumphant campaign that fosters traffic growth, stimulates lead generation, and ultimately elevates your business.

Start by conducting thorough research to identify pertinent keywords that resonate with your intended audience. Google’s Keyword Planner emerges as a valuable tool for pinpointing the most suitable keywords for your endeavour. Consider spotlighting long-tail keywords and hone in on precision regarding your products or services.

Subsequently, devise captivating ads that seize your audience’s attention. Craft lucid and captivating content that accentuates your business’s advantages. Employ compelling headlines, apt keywords, and persuasive call-to-action verbiage to entice users to interact with your ads.

Prioritize the optimization of your landing pages in correspondence with your ads. Certify the landing pages align with your ad content, boasting user-friendliness and mobile compatibility. Elevating the optimization of your landing pages heightens the prospects of user engagement and conversion into customers.

Maintain a regular regimen of campaign performance scrutiny, backed by data analysis to guide your decision-making process. Recognize ads and keywords yielding commendable outcomes, thereby calibrating your bidding approach and ad composition to maximize your return on investment.

Concludingly, a strategic alliance with an adept Google Ads management agency headquartered in {Location} can propel you towards a comprehensive digital marketing strategy congruent with your business aspirations. A seasoned agency possesses the expertise to fine-tune your Google Ads initiatives, augment your ROI, and ensure maximal utility from your investment.

Can my competitors click on my ads?

In theory, it’s possible for a competitor to click on your Google ad once, potentially resulting in the expense of a single click. Yet, Google’s advanced algorithms possess the capability to discern multiple clicks originating from the same origin, encompassing those from competitors or automated bots. Leveraging sophisticated tools, these algorithms discern and filter out spurious clicks, a safeguard against substantial financial repercussions.

In essence, although not entirely implausible for competitors to engage in such behaviour, the probability that their actions would exert a significant detrimental impact on your Google Ads campaign through continuous clicking remains low.

Nonetheless, there exist strategies to mitigate the jeopardy of invalid clicks and click fraud. A vigilant campaign performance monitoring regimen ought to be upheld, highlighting anomalies like abrupt spikes in clicks or irregular click patterns. Swift corrective measures should be undertaken upon the detection of suspicious behaviour.

Furthermore, judicious employment of ad scheduling can serve as a countermeasure, as it restricts ad display to specific windows coinciding with your target audience’s peak activity periods. This strategy diminishes the likelihood of rivals clicking on your ads during off-peak hours. Enforcing targeting criteria such as geographic locations, interests, and demographic traits can further solidify the precision of your ad placements.

Concludingly, allying with an Australian-based Google Ads management agency furnishes an avenue to unearth and counteract click fraud, optimize campaign performance, and actualize the most outcomes attainable.

Why can't I see my ads?

Numerous factors could underlie the absence of your Google Ads in the display queue.

Primarily, it’s plausible that your ads are pending and not yet active. Google Ads mandates a review procedure that mandates time for your ads to be greenlit before they become operational. Although the review process typically spans several hours, certain cases may involve a prolonged wait.

Secondly, the invisibility of your ads might stem from the stipulated targeting settings. Conceivably, your ads might be tailored exclusively to specific locales or demographics that you are not presently situated in.

Thirdly, the settings for your ads could be overly restrictive, potentially warranting a broadening of your parameters to access a wider audience. It’s equally plausible that your ad’s rank is suboptimal, thereby rendering them inconspicuous in search results. Ad rank hinges on variables like bid magnitude, ad calibre, and landing page pertinence.

Lastly, the non-appearance of your ads could be attributed to their status, or that of the campaigns and ad groups they belong to, being “paused.” In such a scenario, a simple switch from the “paused” to “enabled” state is all that’s necessary. This transition rejuvenates your ads, causing them to recommence circulation, accessible to both you and your intended audience.

To ensure sustained ad visibility, a regimen of regular scrutiny of your Google Ads account, coupled with a thorough evaluation of your targeting preferences and ad rank, is indispensable. Moreover, enlisting the services of a reputable Google Ads management agency headquartered in {Location} can serve to optimize your campaigns, yielding results of the utmost calibre.

What daily budget should I set for Google Ads?

Configure your Google Ads financial plan rooted in your business aspirations and a daily allocation that aligns with your financial comfort or willingness to expend. This budget delineates the threshold for campaign expenditures, with a caveat that actual outlays could fluctuate contingent upon bid management nuances.

Tailor your daily budget to harmonize with your advertising objectives, be it lead generation, augmenting website traffic, or catalyzing sales. The paramount objective remains aligning the budget to foster a positive return on investment (ROI).

Integrate industry and competitive factors into your considerations. Not all industries share the same level of competitiveness, a variance that can elevate the cost per click (CPC) for specific keywords. Researching your industry and rivals affords insight into the typical CPC, aiding in the determination of a daily budget that fortifies competitiveness.

Additionally, ponder the scope of your intended audience and the frequency of their inquiries for your offerings, as these variables can wield influence over your ad budget. A sizable target audience might necessitate a more substantial budget to sustain a consistent presence of your ads before them.

How long does it take for Google Ads to generate leads?

The timeline for lead generation through Google Ads is contingent upon a multitude of factors, resulting in a diverse range of variables to consider.

The competitive landscape within your industry and the specificity of your chosen keywords wield a substantial influence on the speed of lead generation. For keywords steeped in competition, the process of generating high-quality leads might span weeks or even months. Conversely, less competitive keywords tend to yield swifter outcomes.

The calibre of your ads and landing pages is another determinant. Ads characterized by quality and engagement, coupled with optimized landing pages, can expedite lead generation. Given a well-crafted ad campaign, securing a few leads within the initial week or two is a plausible outcome.

Following the initial week, Google Ads campaigns persist, gathering data for analysis. Notably, these campaigns generally necessitate around 90 days to gather momentum.

Crucially, your daily budget and bid strategy exert substantial influence on lead generation pace. By earmarking a higher daily budget and embracing a bidding strategy geared toward optimizing ad visibility, the pace of lead generation can be accelerated. A recommended starting point involves a daily budget ranging from A$20 to A$50, coupled with a cost-per-click bid bracket of A$1 to A$2.

It’s pivotal to bear in mind that while PPC can efficaciously propel website traffic and grant instantaneous access to your target audience, the immediate generation of leads is not a guaranteed outcome. Triumph emerges over time, facilitated by a meticulously devised and executed campaign. Regularly monitoring your campaign and effecting necessary adjustments to ads and landing pages fosters the realization of your business objectives and a positive ROI.

When should I use Adwords?

For Australian small business owners, the opportune moment to leverage Google Adwords hinges on your unique business objectives and requisites. While Google Ads bears the potential to be a potent instrument for heightening traffic and garnering leads, employing it strategically and judiciously is paramount.

Should you find yourself while launching a new product or service, Google Ads can expedite the generation of immediate awareness. Through a targeted selection of keywords and demographics, your ads can reach prospective customers actively searching for offerings akin to yours. According to Google, a new Google Ads campaign typically necessitates around three to four months to yield discernible outcomes.

Furthermore, Google Ads can prove advantageous when seeking to amplify website traffic and engender sales during distinct intervals, such as holiday seasons or promotional events. By channelling your ads toward specific audiences and refining your ad copy and landing pages, you can augment both traffic and sales during these periods.

How does paying for Google Ads work?

Google Ads is structured around a pay-per-click (PPC) paradigm, translating to payment solely when a user clicks on your ad. The precise cost per click (CPC) exhibits variance contingent upon your industry, competition, and the specific keywords you’re targeting. Within Australia, the CPC usually spans from A$1 to A$2.

Starting your Google Ads journey necessitates the establishment of an account, followed by the stipulation of a daily budget for your campaigns. This daily budget serves as the ceiling for your daily ad expenditures. Once this daily limit is reached, your ads cease to circulate for that day.

During the campaign creation phase, opt for a bidding strategy that resonates with your budget and objectives. Among the assortment of available options, including manual bidding, automated bidding, and target CPA (cost per acquisition), each strategy harbours its merits and demerits. The selection hinges upon your budget and business aspirations.

After campaign deployment, a plethora of data and insights become accessible, illuminating avenues for ad optimization and the enhancement of your return on investment (ROI). By dissecting your ad performance metrics and implementing adjustments, you can realize superior outcomes for your business.

Is Google Ads free or paid?

Google Ads constitutes a paid advertising platform, necessitating the establishment of a designated budget for your campaigns, coupled with payment-per-click engagement from users.

The expense entailed in Google Ads is subject to a bidding mechanism, with the cost per click (CPC) fluctuating contingent upon factors like industry, competition, and the keywords you target. In Australia, the prevailing average CPC for Google Ads approximates A$1 to A$2. It’s imperative to grasp that the definitive cost of your campaigns hinges on the number of clicks your ads garner and the extent of your financial commitment.

While Google Ads indeed mandates an investment, its potential as a formidable asset for small businesses remains noteworthy. This platform extends the capacity to zero in on users actively exploring products or services congruent with yours. This strategic alignment can potentiate escalated website traffic, an uptick in leads, and augmented sales.

How to scale your business with Google ads in Brisbane?

Google Ads emerges as a potent instrument for not only tapping into new customer bases but also propelling sales growth. Nonetheless, harnessing its potential necessitates the orchestration of a meticulously designed strategy.

Commence by elucidating your audience and business objectives. This foundational step lays the groundwork for crafting more precise and impactful Google Ads campaigns.

The ensuing phase mandates the creation of compelling ad copy capable of seizing your audience’s focus while elucidating the merits of your products or services. Simultaneously, judicious keyword selection, grounded in factors like search volume and relevance to your enterprise, assumes prominence.

Upon initiating your Google Ads campaign in Brisbane, a sustained regime of vigilance and enhancement is essential to realize maximal ROI. This entails activities such as recalibrating your bidding approach, refining your ad copy, and experimenting with various keywords and targeting modalities.

Lastly, meticulous tracking and evaluation of campaign outcomes assume significance in steering your strategy towards optimization. Critical metrics encompass click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend.

The cost of Google Ads is inherently variable, contingent upon industry, competition, and chosen keywords. Nevertheless, a judicious strategy, punctuated by ongoing fine-tuning, equips you to exploit Google Ads’ potential in connecting with potential customers, propelling sales, and cultivating business revenue.

Would investing in Google Ads work for my business?

Google Ads presents a dynamic tool for small businesses aiming to amplify their reach. Within this advertising arena, the potential emerges to establish connections with potential clientele actively seeking the offerings you provide. This facilitates the precise targeting of an audience aligned with your niche, thereby heightening your online visibility.

However, the efficacy of your Google Ads undertakings rests on a constellation of variables, encompassing industry dynamics, competitive factors, and your business aspirations.

To ascertain whether Google Ads holds the potential to propel your Brisbane enterprise, the initial step involves identifying your target demographic and deciphering the keywords they employ during searches for products or services akin to yours. Upon embarking on your campaign, the judicious selection of keywords and targeting configurations becomes paramount, facilitating optimal engagement with your intended audience. A persuasive ad copy is equally indispensable, as it serves to convey the merits of your offerings. Simultaneously, prudent consideration of your budget and bidding strategy proves pivotal when investing in Google Ads.

Partnering with a seasoned local digital marketing squad allows you to devise a strategy harmonizing with your ad budget and business objectives. This collaboration enables you to harness the potential of Google Ads to the fullest, augmenting its impact on your business endeavours.

Are 5Tales a PPC Agency?

Yes, we are a PPC agency. We can assist serivce based business across Australia with AdWords PPC management setup and PPC setup. We also have experience in campaign creation and execution across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising.

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