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10 Tactics to Make Your Content Marketing Sexier

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Content Marketing

The two great challenges facing social media managers and content creators today are:

  • How to get more post engagement on social media
  • How to get a greater audiences for your content?

In this post, we have put together ten tactics to solve both.


Tactic 1: Use A Sweet Headline

The very first question you should ask yourself is who cares about your content? Well, there is a saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t refer to social media and content. So, to make the audiences care about your content, think about your appealing headline as it is the initial gate for the audiences to make decision.

Creating a sweet headline is as easy as toasting. Just “keep the balance between clear and provocative headline”.


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Tactic 2: Images

Like an escalator, your good images will take the audiences to the content. From the aspects of users, photos are the most engaging on Facebook, gaining 87% of interaction among the other types of the post. Twitter, similarly, has more retweets with photo content, as much as 35% of the others.
So why images? Photo is easier and simpler to be consumed than the text itself. The key is choosing ones that relate to your content and fit Facebook’s required size. (No selfies! Nobody wants to see them!)

Images for facebook and twitter improve your content

Tactic 3: Be a butterfly, not just a fly

Your content can either be a fly or a butterfly. That means it can either irritate and annoy your audience, or it can draw their eye. With this in mind, to avoid being a fly, DO NOT flood your audience with more posts than you can count.

Stick to the guidelines for number of posts here. Try to set your schedule so your fans know when the content is expected to be available. Be a butterfly, not a fly.


Tactic 4: The Friday Rule

So it comes to the question of when the best time is. According to Social Intelligence Report, most Facebook engagements occur on Friday, as 17% of all comments are on Friday and 16 of both shares and likes are likely to be more on Friday. Why Friday?

Think about yourself at work on Friday. The weekend is mere hours away, freedom awaits – completed work is nowhere to be found. And, as expected, the less people want to work, the more possibility they are on social media. Make the most of Fridays.

Tactic 5: Time To Take Action

After finishing a post, it is recommended that you ask them to take action. This is called your “call-to-action”. When it comes to these, they can really be anything. Here are some of the tried and true ones:

  • “Like this post”
  • “Share this advice with someone who needs it”
  • “Click to Download”
  • “Get A Quote Now!”

When it comes to these, the only way to find what works for your audience – is to keep testing and trying. Expect that some will work better than others, but stick with it and you will find some success.

Tactic 6: Flexibility Always Wins

Since the launch of smart phones, people’s obsession over their phones in public has become rather typical. The device, like its name, is so smart that it magnetizes us to its features. From its portability, size and power. No wonder why it became famous.

In 2014, roughly 60% of global citizens owned a mobile phone ( Even more, it is predicted that the number will continue to grow, reaching 67% by 2019. That trend should tell you, as a business, should care about mobile-friendly content, so that your audience is able to see you wherever and whenever they feel like.

Mobile Phone Users Are On The Rise

Tactic 7: Sense of Humour

To most people, partners are more attractive when they are funny or have a good sense of humour. This is also applicable to your content. As suggested above, people are on social media because they want to escape from their work.

Of course, they look for things that entertain them. Your good sense of humour will eventually pay off.

One of the Youtube advertisements that went viral through social networks from its comical content is Dollar Shave Club. The view count, exceeding 23 million, can be solid evidence of how much people love funny content.

Additionally, sometimes good content does not necessarily trigger a laugh. TV advertising loves a jingle that catches attention as well. The Giganaire Telecom New Zealand can be an exceptional example. Frankly, I can’t get the song out of my head.

Tactic 8: Feed Your Audience Some Sweets

Remember the time when you were a kid and your mum forced you to take some TERRIBLE tasting medicine? The same feeling occurs in your audience, when you repeatedly demand your fans to read how great your company is.

It is good to tell them you have created something newsworthy but keep in mind that there is a fine line between honest self-promotion and exaggeration.

Indeed, also consider providing something positive and thought-provoking to your audience. “People are more engaged with, by commenting, liking, and sharing, a feel-good content” as noted by Domesek.

Tactic 9: Reward

Everyone likes being rewarded. So does your audience. The simplest way to attract their participation is offering them free stuff.

To do this you could choose create a contest that relates to your content or your business focus. For instance, if you are an owner of a house cleaning company, you might ask the participants to share their story about doing housework.
The winners of the contest could receive a free house clean. This creates a good relationship to your customers, improves engagement and (hopefully) entices potential newcomers to your page.

Tactic 10: Hashtags

The internet is an extension of our real life society. In a society, there will be a lot of people with similar interests. Yet, when your audience turns up to a new platform, all they might experience is chaotic noise. Using hashtags is a great tool that distinguishes you from the crowd and can help you be found.
Some easy-as-pie rules are:

  • Match your hashtag with your brand. Take a look at these examples: #Justdoit from Nike attains the most famous brand hashtag on Twitter in 2015, followed by #Pepsiperfect from Pepsi, reported by Quentin
  • Initiate a creative and positive hashtag – For example, using the word ‘share’ which spreads some good attitudes, like #sharecoke by Coca-Cola. This campaign raised attention enormously. You can find more successful hashtags here.

Now it is your turn to get started. Let us know how it goes with these strategies.


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