Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

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What Is Social Media Content Management?

With over 90% of the Australian population on some form of social media, the opportunity to build a brand and presence is greater than ever. Building a relationship with your potential customer base is a sure fire way of increasing sales. But, creating and growing those social profiles is a time consuming process. That is where social media management comes in.

Social media management is the broad term for growing and maintaining a business’ social profile. This means preparing a plan and growth strategy, creating or preparing content to be posted, scheduling that content and then reviewing performance.

1. Social Media Plan

The Planning stage is where the foundation of future growth is built. By understanding what social profiles are key for a business to maximise, and then deciding on the kinds of content, how frequent posting will be and a myriad of other decisions – there will be no surprises when issues come up.

2. Content Creation

Content is key when it comes to social media. Deciding on images, text and video to be posted is what makes or breaks a campaign. Without engaging and professional content, growth is impossible. This is the part of the process that always takes the most time for businesses of all sizes.

3. Management

Management of a social media campaign is where the actual posting of content, replying to community interaction and general profile management occurs. It is also the part of the process where we take the time to regularly review growth and performance, to understand best what needs to be done going forward.

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The Importance of Social Media Management

When it comes to running a business, it doesn’t take long for any business owner to realize you can’t do everything on your own. Especially when it comes to online marketing and social media management, you might not be an expert in these departments. Your purpose in running your business is to provide a superior product or service in comparison to your competition, and you probably don’t have time to focus on much else other than that.

However, an effective social media strategy is still an extremely important aspect of any business. It is essential that things like online marketing and social media management are not neglected by any business because this could result in a loss of the opportunity to reach a lot of potential clients, as well as a lot of potential income.

Social Media Management Allows Businesses To Reach A Wider Audience

To reach the types of clients you are targeting for the product or service that your business provides, different mediums in social media could be extremely useful for different types of things. But each social media channel needs to be treated differently and different practices must be observed.

For example, why would someone want to follow a company’s YouTube channel if it was merely reiterating everything that was on its Twitter account? Posting the same content to multiple different websites won’t be nearly as effective, so in order to be successful in social media marketing, one needs to understand the different purposes of the many social media platforms that are out there for businesses to take advantage of.

The Difficulty Of Running A Social Media Strategy

To reach the types of clients you are targeting for the product or service that your business provides, different mediums in social media could be extremely useful for different types of things. But each social media channel needs to be treated differently and different practices must be observed.

For example, why would someone want to follow a company’s YouTube channel if it was merely reiterating everything that was on its Twitter account? Posting the same content to multiple different websites won’t be nearly as effective, so in order to be successful in social media marketing, one needs to understand the different purposes of the many social media platforms that are out there for businesses to take advantage of.

What 5Tales Can Do For Your Business

If you have a business that is not using its social media presence to its complete advantage, regardless of if it is because you don’t know how to or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to such a task, then we at 5Tales are here to help.

We are experts in the industry with a vast and comprehensive understanding of how to take your business’s social media presence to the next level, and to take advantage of the opportunities offered to your business by proper use of social media management. We offer services to our clients that allow them to reap the benefits of our finesse at managing social media strategy and content.

Why You Need A Social Media Consultant

If your Australian business could use a boost, if you are looking for a way to attract more potential clients and customers to your website, then social media management might be the answer for you. Because in today’s day and age, people are using so many different social media platforms on the internet, it is important to ensure that your presence is known throughout all of them.

Businesses today are reaching out to clients through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. However, it is important to keep in mind that the rules and methods for navigating these social media platforms may vary from one medium to the next.

At 5Tales, we have mastered the strategies and general social media tactics necessary to bring your business the best results from its social media campaign.

Not Convinced on Social Media Yet?

Still not convinced on the importance of social media? Well don’t just take it from us then – back in 2013, Daryl D’Souza performed a TEDx talk on the power of social media for a brand. It is well worth 15 minutes of your time.

As more and more of today’s people, including the customers and clients that you are targeting, flock to social media and spread out to a number of different websites, make sure you do not get left behind in the trail that social media has been blazing for the past several years.


5Tales Have The Experience

We know how to utilise social media effectively, so let our social media management services in Brisbane be the solution you have been looking for to give your business the boost it needs to attract more traffic, customers, and profits. Let your business grow and expand by reaching out to more potential clients and customers that you were not previously able to access without the aid of social media.

Having the right social media agency on your side to aid you throughout the process of giving your business the boost it needs to get the attention that it truly deserves can make all of the difference in the world. If you want to work with the best social media company in Brisbane, then you have come to the right place.

Here at 5Tales, we are professionals and have all of the knowledge in the industry necessary to give you and your company the tools and opportunities it needs to succeed. As a social advertising agency, when you are working with us, we will make sure that your business never misses a chance to get exposure online.

It can be difficult to manage this aspect of a business without the help of outside professionals. After all, you are spending so much of your time taking care of all of the other many aspects that come with running your business. At 5Tales, we want you to continue focusing on what you do best—providing a superior product or service to all of your clients—so that way we can take care of the social media management part for you.

We Know That Your Business is Unique and Reflect That In Our Service

We know that there is something that makes your business unique, and we know that your business is the best in the industry to work with when it comes to your niche.

Regardless of the product or service that you are offering to potential clients and customers, there is something that you have to offer that the competition doesn’t, whether it is the lowest price, the best quality, the most incredible customer service, something else, or some combination of any of these things that potential clients and customers look for in a company.

Our goal is to find out what it is that you have to offer that the competition doesn’t, and make sure that everyone on social media who might be interested in your product or service knows that your business is the place to go to get exactly what they have been looking for.

We Want To Be Part Of Your Business

As a social media marketing firm, we strive to learn everything there is to know about the company we are working with. Any business that we work with, we do everything in our power to uncover what makes them unique and ensure that we know everything that the business has to offer to its potential clients and customers.

After our experts here at 5Tales are well-versed in your company, we are able to apply our extensive knowledge of social networking sites and their unique differences to give you the results you have been looking for.

We know how to cater the posts, blogs, visuals, or any other type of media to social networking that will appeal to the potential customers and clients that any business is trying to target.

Your Growth Is Our Goal

Does your business have all of the clients and customers that you could possibly want? Are you content with the amount of revenue that your business is bringing in? If you are like most business owners, then the answer to these questions is: Of course not!

There is always room for a business to grow, and with the online world growing steadily and taking more and more precedence in the daily lives of the people you want to buy your product or sign up for your service, it is becoming more and more necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that online marketing and social media management provides to businesses like yours. For many businesses, social media management can be enough to make or break a company; managing your business’s use of online mediums correctly and properly can oftentimes be enough to give your business the boost it needs to bring more traffic onto your website and into your office.

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for people to turn to the Internet when trying to decide the best company for them to work with when they are in search of a product or service to fulfil their needs.

You don’t want your company to be invisible online—if there is another company with a much bigger social media presence, your business could easily get overlooked by clients who are deciding the best company to work with for their needs.

Social Media Marketing Is A Credibility Builder

Another thing that social media exposure brings to your clients is the idea of credibility. If you have a well-managed presence on a number of social media sites, and your business is making frequent posts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, then potential clients and customers are likely to see that you are credible.

If you have a lot of likes on Facebook, shares on Instagram, and retweets on Twitter from your loyal client base, then anyone trying to decide if your company is the right one to work with will be faced with a much easier decision than they otherwise would be if your existence on social media ranged from anywhere between dismal to non-existent.

Any Business Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing

If you’re not sure if your business is the type that we are talking about here, the kind of business that would truly benefit from increased social media exposure or the aid of social media management experts to handle your accounts for you, then that is completely understandable.

But the fact is, unless you are making frequent posts on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, while also understanding the different ways to interact with users between each different social media platform, then you are missing out on countless crucial opportunities to attract new customers and business to your website and company. This means that you are neglecting one of the simplest and most advantageous methods of helping your business to grow and bring in more profits.

Don’t Fall Behind The Competition

Don’t allow the business you have worked so hard to build fall behind the competition in your same niche because you are unwilling to keep up with the demands of customers today. Through speaking their language and reaching out to them through social media and proper management of the several different social media platforms that are undoubtedly relevant to the industry of your business, you will be surprised at how much of a difference this effort will make in your sales and, consequently, your business’s bottom line.

If you can confidently say “I am happy with the amount of profit my business brings in, and I do not wish to attract the attention of more customers and make more money,” then maybe—and even then, just maybe—could you not benefit from the opportunities that proper social media management has to offer to today’s businesses.

Even still, with so many companies today making their presence known online and throughout various social media platforms, it is easy to fall behind the competition and become irrelevant as time goes on. You may soon find yourself losing customers to businesses that are speaking their language by communicating with them through the outlets provided by social media.

Our Experience

At 5Tales, we specialise in expert social media management. As professionals in the field, we know the best way to stay one step ahead of the competition and bring your clients, as well as potential clients looking around to decide whether or not your product is worth buying or your service worth ordering, every reason to visit your website and get in touch with you.

Keeping the posts and information shared on social media new, fresh and relevant, and posting unique content to each of your various social media profiles, users will quickly be able to pick up that you are a reputable business within the industry and one that is to be trusted.

Social Media Management Can Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Brisbane is a great place to live, and there are a lot of local businesses for consumers to choose between when it comes to choosing who to work with when obtaining a product or having a service rendered.

You want to make sure that you are giving your clients a reason to choose you as their go to company, and you want to make sure they are aware of what reasons they have to give you their time, attention and business.

You can do this by reaching out to them through social media—or by allowing a Brisbane social media company such as us here at 5Tales to take care of that part for you.

Different Social Platforms Need Different Voices

We know everything there is to know about communicating with the type of potential clients and customers that you are targeting, and we know how to tweak the communication from one social media website to the next in order to suit the proper audience that will be viewing it there.

After all, the type of post that would be suitable for Facebook wouldn’t be able to be posted on Twitter at all with the character limit, and neither would be suited to Instagram either, as a website where the attention is primarily focused on pictures. As for Snapchat, the brief amount of time that users are viewing these images or video for is something that needs to be taken into account by those designing the content; a message needs to be effectively delivered to a user in 10 seconds or less.

All in all, it is a lot to think about and there is a lot to be taken into consideration when it comes to running the social media platforms for a business—and all of this takes a lot more time than a business owner typically would have the time to dedicate, even if they do have the know-how.

Don’t Hurt Your Business, Use A Social Media Agency

Don’t you think your business deserves the best chance of success in your industry? Put your business’s name out there where it is going to be seen—and right now, that is on the internet. Typically, if someone decides that they need a product or service in the world of today, or if they want to decide if the company they are about to work with is a credible and worthwhile one, the first place they turn to is the internet.

Your social media profiles are going to come up in Google searches, and there’s a good chance that your customers are going to look at them in order to determine whether or not you are the right choice for them to work with. However, if there is nothing on social media for them to see about your business, but something for them to see about the competition, then you might not be too happy about how that scenario works out for you.

Get in touch with us at 5Tales today to work with the best social media optimization company in Brisbane! You are sure to be amazed at the results.

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