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With the many different SEO providers currently on the market, it can become difficult to find a reliable, trustworthy company that guarantees results. If this happens to be your case, you’ve come to the right place! 5Tales has the experience and knowledge needed to build a successful eCommerce website with Magento.

We understand the importance rich SEO content brings which is why we’ve decided to provide access to this very powerful infrastructure. A leading provider in the industry, we look forward to working with our clients – old or new – with the goal of making their business excel.

Whether you already have a Magento eCommerce site or in the process of building one, here at 5Tales we can help you get the most from this system. Knowing the ins and outs of this program we are the right SEO specialist for you. Obtaining Magento as your platform is a great first step to creating a quick, efficient, and user-friendly site.


Benefits of Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

The proper use of ecommerce search engine optimisation is essential if you want to witness your online store strive and surpass competitors. What SEO does is it drives traffic to your website by listing it high up on the results page brought forward by a search engine. Because most of the time viewers don’t go past the first page of results this is very beneficial to you!

You may already be aware of the advantages SEO practices bring but are you using them correctly? One of the main benefits you’ll receive when optimising your site is a business that is open 24/7. This means your site will always remain open consequently, it will be generating income for you even on your sick days!

If you’ve ever wondered how some eCommerce sites appear at the top of a search engine results page, the answer is proper SEO techniques and practices. Our Magento SEO agency does an amazing job at making this happen for business owners and working alongside 5Tales, clients are guaranteed nothing less than quality results.


What They Say About Us

“Before partnering with 5Tales we wanted to ensure we were getting the best value for money. After many discussions with the 5Tales team and after comparing them to other website design and SEO companies, we felt confident that 5Tales would provide the best value and would assist us in achieving our online presence goals. The team at 5Tales have been extraordinary in their customer service and are always happy to answer any questions we might have. Their staff are always friendly, professional, and hold a wealth of knowledge to assist you with your online marketing strategies.  If you are looking for a professional company that is going to give you that “wow” factor to your website and increase your online traffic, 5Tales are the team to go with.”

Lavina Webb

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Meet Our Team

It’s no surprise our clients come back to us time after time. At 5Tales, we hold the best support team and SEO experts who have the skills that you need. Our team of professionals holds several years of experience in this industry specific to optimising Magento based sites. If you are looking for reliable, friendly mentors we are the agency for you!

Additionally, we would like to add that previous clients have had large success working alongside our team of specialists and the remarkable results a Magento SEO company brings. They have noticed many positive changes to their sites including SEO rich content, interactive designs, and quick, efficient eCommerce pages.

While it takes time to build an audience and see any return on investment, we speed up this process by utilizing the right SEO strategies. You will quickly realize that with our services and talented staff it will become much easier for customers to find your business online.

Do you want to discover how to grow your business?

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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services, but one of our more popular ones is SEO. Today, utilizing proper search engine optimisation practices goes a long way. It increases traffic to your site and expands your client base tremendously. Our SEO services use the right combination of words and phrases for your industry, product, or service.

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, we offer personalized plans to tailor to your company’s needs. With competitive pricing, we strongly believe that you will receive top quality Magento SEO services at an affordable cost. Additionally, if you run into any issues with your platform, our customer support team is readily available to provide effective and quick solutions.


Give us the opportunity to help you build your eCommerce website with Magento. We highly recommend this SEO system and are here to teach you how it works. This powerful resource is very helpful, but it can become challenging to handle. With our quality services, we give clients peace of mind through results and an increase of traffic, views, and revenue!

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At 5Tales, we are proud of being the #1 eCommerce SEO agency. We take great pride in the remarkable products and services we offer our clients. Give us a call to fill out an inquiry form below to learn more about the eCommerce SEO packages we offer and how they will benefit your business. We look forward to speaking with you and hope you decide to grow your company with us today!