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If you have a business in Hobart, then you know how important it is to make sure people know if your business is online—it’s what keeps people clicking the “buy now” button on your website. This can be an extremely difficult part of owning a business and becomes a simple thing to ignore, but the fact remains that it is the backbone of your business making money.

Even if you have the absolute best product or service in your niche, it doesn’t matter if no one has ever heard of you before. So how do you get the word out to your target audience that you’re open and ready for business? Digital marketing.

Digital marketing in Hobart can take a number of different forms. This could include an effective and custom-tailored SEO strategy. Or, the needs of your business may call for you to optimize the content on your website. Perhaps your business needs to produce material that is useful to your potential customers.

Whatever it is, as the person running the business in question, it can be challenging to tell what is missing. With the help of a digital marketing professional in Hobart, you can effectively pinpoint what is missing from your strategy. Better yet, you can get help filling it with worthwhile content and strategies!

Give Your Business It’s Best Chance of Success

Whether your business is a small start-up, or already a wildly successful local company in Hobart, you can benefit from digital marketing strategies if you haven’t already used them to boost your brand. If you want to give your business its best chance of success, then digital marketing from 5Takes is the way to do it! We have the latest and greatest in terms of knowledge, techniques, and strategies to get your business the recognition it deserves as an authority in your niche. And if you’re not already an authority—then we can get you there!

When it comes to your business, we know how much time, effort, and energy goes into it. The success of your company should mean a lot to you! So, don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best. At 5Tales, we know how to get your company the exposure and brand recognition it deserves. As a result, we give your bank account the boost in profits that you are looking for! We do this by using our in-depth knowledge of the industry and expertise in the most advanced techniques to aid your business in becoming well-known and successful.


What They Say About Us

“Before partnering with 5Tales we wanted to ensure we were getting the best value for money. After many discussions with the 5Tales team and after comparing them to other website design and SEO companies, we felt confident that 5Tales would provide the best value and would assist us in achieving our online presence goals. The team at 5Tales have been extraordinary in their customer service and are always happy to answer any questions we might have. Their staff are always friendly, professional, and hold a wealth of knowledge to assist you with your online marketing strategies.  If you are looking for a professional company that is going to give you that “wow” factor to your website and increase your online traffic, 5Tales are the team to go with.”

Lavina Webb

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Tailor-Fit Solutions for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Of course, the same strategy doesn’t work for every client who gets in touch with us! That’s why we invest our time in both tested and true solutions while also taking the time to design a plan that is tailored to each individual business we help with their digital marketing strategy.

Depending on what your business is offering to your targeted public, and what your strengths already are, the digital marketing solution we devise for your company could vary significantly from another company—even one in your same industry! That’s because a lot goes into any digital marketing campaign. Depending on where your business currently stands in the market and compares to other companies in your niche, what your business needs could vary drastically. Wherever your success level currently stands, we at 5Tales are confident that we can help you become a step above the rest.

An In-Depth Understanding of Business

At 5Tales, we understand that knowing the ins and outs of digital marketing is not enough to make your company successful. It’s also important to get to know the business industry. That’s why our digital marketing experts possess in-depth knowledge of how things work in the business world while also learning the operations you and your employees work from and within on a daily basis.

By understanding how things operate in the business world, we are able to better know, accommodate, and serve your needs as our digital marketing client. We go the extra mile. We don’t just simply design and implement a digital marketing strategy blindly and hope it attracts new clients to your doorstep. 


Instead, we research and understand your industry and target audience to make sure that, in everything we do, we are catering to them. As our results have shown time and time again, with the client after client, doing this works—which is why we never do anything without keeping those factors in mind.

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Grow Your Business With 5Tales

Comprehensive Services for an All-Encompassing Digital Marketing Solution

At 5Tales, we strive to be your go-to resource for digital marketing in Hobart. We know that there are a lot of digital agency in Hobart options, but none are quite like us. 

To maintain the value of every service we offer, we are consistently keeping up with the latest and greatest developments and strategies in digital marketing. The result? Every aspect of our company is highly competitive and advanced.


We are your go-to resources for a digital marketing agency in Hobart that offers the following:


– Adwords management

– Facebook advertising

– Website design

– e-Commerce website

Whether you know precisely where you want your company to improve, or if you aren’t sure what your digital marketing efforts need to give you the boost you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We know how to analyze your company and tell what’s lacking. And, of course, we know how to implement the needed changes to get your company the exposure, attention, and recognition that it deserves!

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At 5Tales, we never cut corners. We believe in providing a thorough and effective service for every client we work with. So, to get your business right on track to where it needs to be, simply make an enquiry online or phone call today!

After you get in touch, we can start the conversation and begin making your company the success that you had always hoped it would become!